nico wrote:
> Hello,
> In the following example using the "nc" option, the 3 middle columns don't  
> fit the width option. It seems that the table tries to fit to the page  
> width instead.
> \starttext
> \bTABLE[frame=on,width=3em]
> \bTR \bTD[nc=2] A \eTD \bTD x \eTD \bTD[nc=2] B \eTD \eTR
> \bTR \bTD X \eTD \bTD[nc=3] C \eTD \bTD x \eTD \eTR
> \bTR \bTD[nc=2] D \eTD \bTD x \eTD \bTD[nc=2] E \eTD \eTR
> \stoptext
there is probably a good reason for that (but forgot what), 


will give you a different result; a possible patch is: 

\newif\ifautosqueezeTBLspan \autosqueezeTBLspantrue % NEW 

        [#3,\c!background=,\c!frame=\v!off]% 25% faster
         \ifnum0\number\gettblcol{#1}{#2}>1\relax \settblspn\colTBL \fi
       \donothing{\settblwid\colTBL{\the\wd\scratchbox}}% auto set
     \settblhei\rowTBLx{\the\ht\scratchbox}% auto set
   \wd2\wd\scratchbox \ht2\ht\scratchbox \dp2\dp\scratchbox

but i'm not sure if it will not break other situations, so please do some harsh 


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