On 4/18/06, Miguel Queiros wrote:

> The second problem has to do with the fact that in the
> attached file "footnote-posicao.tex" I changed the layout
> of the page, so that I could have a bigger right margin.
> The problem is that I would like to have the page number
> centered on "the page" and note on the new dimensions
> of the text area (don't know if I' been clear but I think
> you will understand if you look at the attached file).
> In fact I have a third problem that is the fact that the
> page number is repeated. I don't want to remove the
> line \setupfootertexts[][\setups{t_footer}] because I
> want the footer in 10pt.

This doesn't answer your original question, but why not
instead of lengthy setups?
(Btw: you should better use \switchtobodyfont rather than
\setupbodyfont in case you need to change font size.)

The following solution might not be the most elegant one, but I use
similar approach for exact positioning:


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