Here is the test file.
If you remove the \setupregister command, or simply set expansion=no, the sorting will work perfectly.
With expansion=yes or expansion=xml, the accented letters are sorted under "A".

Below are my updated sorting rules again...




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Richard Gabriel wrote:
> Thanks Hans, it works with my test file,
> unless I set up:
> \setupregister[index][expansion=xml]
> which i need for correct processing of the XML files.
> If I simply add this command into the testing TeX file (no XML), the
> Czech sorting stops to work and all accented characters are placed
> under "A".
test file ...
> Regarding the sorting itself (sort-lan.tex):
> I found the definiton of the sorting quite strange, let's say,
> incomplete.
> It makes no sense to separate ccaron while all other accented letters
> are placed under the unaccented ones.
> I'll update the definitions, test it and send it to you.


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