Hi all,

I have a document in Dutch (\mainlanguage[nl]) in which I quote Turkish 
items, which I want to collect in a separate index, like this:

"Enkele voorbeelden zijn: \quote{oudere zus} \turkish{abla}, 
\quote{jongere broer of zus} \turkish{karde\c{s}}, de \quote{zus van 
vader} (\quote{tante}) \turkish{hala, \quote{de zus van moeder} 
\turkish{teyze}. Voor aangetrouwde familieleden gelden soms juist vagere 
termen dan in het Nederlands, bijv. \quote{aangetrouwde tante} en 
\quote{schoonzuster}, \turkish{yenge}."

The index, however, is based on Dutch (mainlanguage). This causes two 

1. words with accents, like s\"oz, are not sorted correctly to any standard:
söz kesmek 76
saygı 14
s¸eref 3, 14, 24, 27

2. letters with diacritics, like \c{s} (under which \c{s}eref is to be 
placed) are not included in the alphabetical listing in the index, which 
of course follows the Dutch alphabet.

Does anyone have a solution?



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