On Jul 13, 2006, at 10:47 AM, Taco Hoekwater wrote:

> Hi all,
> After a fairly long list of betas, I have just uploaded a new
> release of the bibliographic module to contextgarden.net
> This release fixes three bugs that were still in beta 5:
> * removed two incorrect spaces from bibl-num.tex
> * reset the interaction "style" within \type{\cite}, so that
>    font  switches from \type{\setupcite} stay in effect
> * a guard is added against loading bbl files multiple times
> It should be included automatically in the next context release.
> Happy TeXing,
> Taco

Hi Taco,

thanks for the new version! I didn't have time to play with your  
latest beta, but the new release appears to have a problem: numbered  
references don't seem to work! I found an older post to the list by  
Marten and I can confirm that it doesn't work. Here's a minimal test  




\title{How To Do Things with Words}
\city{Cambridge, MA}
\pubname{Harvard University Press}


As can be seen in \cite[austinhow].





If I change refcommand to author or other values, it works; with num  
I get

publications    : warning: cite argument austinhow unknown on 108
references      : unknown reference [][0]

in my log file. Sorry, I don't know when this problem cropped up, but  
I know that this used to work...


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