Hello all,

I am pleased to announce that the new ConTeXt release from Hans Hagen
can be downloaded as of now from the Pragma ADE website or one of its


The current release has version 2006.07.13

A very short list of changes is given below. As usual, there is an
html page with more detailed release notes available on the Wiki, see:


New features since  2006.05.11:

* The use of \sometxt in MetaPost figures (instead of \textext) can
   remove the need for indirect "texexec" runs, resulting in a massive
   speed improvement for heavy documents.
* Table splitting is reimplemented and improved
* Initial support for the new TeXGyre font families
* A new release of the bib module, with better support for
   interaction and per-chapter bibliographies
* Some small extensions to \framed
* The database module now supports ASCII (non-TeX) files with CSV
* \setupformulae accepts a conversion parameter now
* More built in math support (matrices etc.)
* A prerelease of the "koeieletters" font
* A new module for R integration
* Itemizations can be randomized (for multiple-choice courseware)
* Support for typesetting OpenMath (via MathML)

Happy TeXing,

Taco Hoekwater
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