Recently, I made lang-ru.hyp and lang-ru.pat files from TeX's ruhyphal.tex .
I read Hans' "Hyphenation patterns" and didn't understand how to use
my patterns to enable hyphenation (btw, in manual used key --patterns
but in current ctxtools used --patternfiles)

What I've done:
1. Created lang-ru.hyp (UTF-8) and lang-ru.pat (UTF-8) from TeX's
ruhyphal.tex by hands (ctxtools generated patterns, but russian and
ukrainian didn't)
2. Copied files to directory with other languages' patterns
3. texexec --make --all (get an error while compiling lang-cyr.tex
..... undefined sequence)
4. in tex file used \language[ru]
5. Still don't have my text hyphenated.

What I do wrong? Should I upgrade my ConTeXt to recent version?
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