On 7/23/06, Arkady Shraer wrote:
> I spent some time and decided to start from the beginning:
> 1. I deleted all old ConTeXt files from my tetex distribution.
> 2. Unzipped recent cont-tmf into texmf-local analog in my system.
> 3. Unzipped recent font metrics to appropriate folder
> 4. texexec --make --all   runs perfectly
> 5. texexec --make --language=ru  runs without errors
> 6. When I try to texexec --pdf --language=ru <anyfile.tex>
> I get errors, e.g. font metrics ec-lmr12 can't be found.... etc...(I
> can attach full log and source file)

If you can't compile english documents, the source wouldn't help much,
but the full log in attachment might.

This might have nothing to do with your problem, but it might be
sensible to try to use texmfstart texexec.rb instead of the old perl

You need to create an executable "texmfstart" (in the bin folder of
course) with content
    ruby path-to-context-ruby-scripts/texmfstart.rb,
and add the content of [texmf]/scripts/context/stubs/unix
to some place in PATH

Please ask if you have more questions about it (I'm a bit too short & cryptic).

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