>>> I should extend that document, but I've lost the source :-(
>> Considering this document very useful I had an idea of puting at least 
>> parts of it on garden. So shoud I extract the texts, make some formating 
>> and send it to you or put it on the wiki?
> The wiki would be great. That way, if I do not get around to doing
> work on it, someone else can.
> TIA,

Done. http://wiki.contextgarden.net/System_Macros

The page is rather long. I leave to experienced users who are going to 
extend the article to rearrange it, if needed. Hopefully it still 
remains Taco's article, who will write part II soon ;)

Few notes for Patrick et al. regarding wiki.

1. I've found strange writing

<code>\contextversion</code> (with backslash)
<cmd>contextversion</cmd>    (without backslash)

this may lead to errors, in my opinion, syntax should be the same (with 
backslash). I'm not sure, if there is any chance to change it on the fly 
everywhere nor if it is possible at all.

2. <cmd> elements should point only to context user macros (not to TeX 
primitives nor ConText internals), right?

3. I didn't notice before that even in-line element <code> is 
highlighted in backround as the block element <texcode> is. On my 
display it is almost invisible as a part of line. If we want to 
highlight I suggest to use a bit darker or different color. Now it is 
somewhere in the middle: highlighted as well as not highlighted (dust on 
the screen).


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