> I have some questions for you. Please help me:
> 1. Did you know a way to make a list of tables (natural tables \bTable 
> \eTable)? For the Figures it is very easy:
> \placelist[figure][alternative=c,aligntitle=no,width=4em]
> but
> \placelist[table][alternative=c,aligntitle=no,width=4em]
>   d'ont works

For figures and tables I used 
\completelistoftables . Will it work for you ?

> 3. In the top of my file I use \language[pt], but it d'ont work. For 
> example, in the figure caption I have "Figure" but I need "Figura" and 
> so on

You should use \mainlanguage[pt] as someone already mentioned.

You might also need to know the following, as I'v had the need
to use it already. As far as I remember \setuplabeltext
was used in the to change the word "see" in index (O Indice
Remissivo em Portugues). The other ones I believe are easy to

\setupheadtext[pt][figures=Lista de Figuras]
\setupheadtext[pt][tables=Lista de Tabelas]
\setupheadtext[pt][index=Índice Remissivo]
\setuplabeltext[pt][see=ver ]

Miguel Queirós

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