On 8/24/06, Pepe Barbe wrote:
> Hello,
> I am using GW's TeX distribution with ConTeXt. I am interested in
> using a different font other than Computer Modern. This distribution
> seems to come with a ton of fonts (More than I need at least). Using
> the basic ConTeXt provisions to access the fonts I am able to access
> some fonts successfully (Like Palatino or Euler) and some
> unsuccsessfully (Like Optima, Iwona or Kurier).
> Ex:
> Works:
> \definetypeface [MyFace] [rm] [serif] [palatino] [default] [encoding=ec]
> Does not work:
> \definetypeface [MyFace] [ss] [sans] [iwona] [default] [encoding=ec]

    \definetypeface [MyFace] [ss] [sans] [iwona] [default] [encoding=ec]
should work (ss, as already Aditya said, is important to add).

You can try two things:
- unzip fonts from http://www.nowacki.strefa.pl/kurier.html to your
TeX tree and run
    [sudo] mktexlsr or texhash (I don't know which one should be on your system)
- try if your example works on http://live.contextgarden.net

At least iwona should work there properly; if you want to try some
other free fonts, say which ones you need.

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