I've been wondering whether someone (perhaps Taco?) can give me a  
hint on the following:

1. Is there an automated way to place citations into footnotes? So  
whenever I use \cite in the running text it should produce a footnote  
with the reference alongside the usual footnotes. However, when \cite  
is invoked within a footnote it should just type out the reference  
inline (in the footnote, of course ;-). So far I've done this  
manually with \footnote{\cite{key}} (which at times produced its own  
strange results like two footnote blocks on the same page).

2. When typesetting a quotation block I'd like to add a reference  
directly after the closing quotation marks. However, including the  
\cite command before \stopquotation places the reference before the  
closing marks, and moving \cite out of the \start \stop block makes  
the reference appear on a new line ...

Any help highly appreciated!

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