Idris Samawi Hamid wrote:
> Hi gang,
> I just learned that OOo 2.04 has a LaTeX export (downloading now). Any of  
> you bright programmers up to writing a ConTeXt export (or porting the  
> LaTeX filters to ConTeXt)?
> I'm quite serious: if anyone is interested I'll write (or help write) a  
> grant proposal for it (I've already had some TeX-related proposals funded  
> so...).
> Please write me if you are interested in a grant, or else we can just  
> discuss it on and get it done another way!
long ago for a project i played a bit with open office output (xml); the 
best way do deal with it is to convert the xml into a proper document 
structure instead of an office structure

there are  a few weird things in  oo's xml but when one uses proper 
styles and limits the user's options to the sensible ones oo can even be 
a nice editor for docs that are typeset by tex while previewing in oo 
(whil eediting it is not needed to see the final output)

so one can think of: proper xml document definition, make oo stylesheet 
for this, use oo for editing, convert oo xml to xml doc def, use tex for 

since i have no project that needs it i cannot spend time on it now

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