Hello folks,

I am using an image to embed the logo at the top of the document. The
background of my document is gray, and when I render the document, the logo
shows up with a white background, over the gray background. Something
similar to the \frame command. My logo image was converted from PSD
(Photoshop PSD) to PDF, and I have preserved the tranparent background so
that I could layer it over a background and it picks the background color
instead of the white background.
How do I embed my image in the document so that the background stays the
background color of the document? What am I doing wrong?


 [fuxion logo] [top] [middle]









Another question I have is regarding the positioning of the logo. The logo
is really close to the top. I want it to have a space at the top. How do I
achieve  this?

Thanks in advance,

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