Wim Neimeijer wrote:
> Installed metapost 0.993 (reports as 0.992) and did the ctxtools 

version is wrong, yes (beta software, you know ...

> --update, however at the end of the update I am getting
> TeXExec | updating file database
> ....
> mktexlsr: Done.
> TeXExec | using tex engine pdftex
> TeXExec | using tex format path 
> c:/Context/isoimage/usr/local/context/tex/texmf-local/web2c/pdftex
> TeXExec | generating tex format cont-en
> *! I can't read pdftex.pool; bad path?*

This could be bad, but it is unrelated to metapost. If you context still
runs ok, I would not worry about it, since it seems metafun is the only
format that was correctly regenerated.

It could be that ctxtools somehow only understands about pdftex 1.40
(whose executable name for pdfetex is now once again renamed to pdftex)

Hans can no doubt explain what happens here better than I can.


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