Hans et all,

We have a project call book.tex, a product in that called  
chapter1.tex, and a component in that called section1exercises.tex.

We have blocks that we save and then place at the end of  
section1exercises.tex with a macro defined in our environment file:

       \answers{Answers}\vskip 1em\startcolumnset[answers]
          \def\headermarkleft{{\sc Chapter \headnumber[chapter]}}
          \def\headermarkright{{\sc{}Section \headnumber[section]}}
       \answers{Solutions}\vskip 1em

The else part of the do above is an attempt to define a different  
header when we compile with --mode=long, but just for the pages on  
which we use \placeanswers. The other pages have a different header  
defined in the environment file. Those headers have page numbers as  
well with:

Chapter \headnumber[chapter]\headerskip\getmarking[chapter][current]}}

\def\headermarkright{{\sc{}Section \headnumber[section]\headerskip 

The file section1exercises ends like this:




When we compile section1exercises.tex with texmfstart texexec -- 
mode=long section1exercises, all is well until the last page, where  
the former header is used instead of the header defined in the  
\placeanswers macro. But we want to finish out the document from the  
point we put the \placeanswers with the second header.

Any suggestions?

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