Aditya Mahajan wrote:
> On Thu, 11 Jan 2007, Berend de Boer wrote:
>>Hi All,
>>(I've repeated this post, because I didn't see any answers. Sample
>>file included, you can easily check if I'm wrong or right).
> I have not used palets before, so I do not know if something has 
> broken or not. With your code, I do not get any colors. However, if I 
> change
>>  [TEX]
>>  [palet=MYcolorpretty]
> with
> \definepalet[TEXcolorpretty][MYcolorpretty]
> it works.

I believe this is 'as expected'. A bit weird maybe, but still
expected (the innards of the pretty typing code are a bit hairy

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