On Wednesday 14 February 2007 10:14, Wolfgang Schuster wrote:
> [location=top,
>    spaceinbetween=0pt, % <-- your friend
>    style=bold,
>    width=max]

That works as far as the bolding is concerned. Many thanks. But the 
"Figure 2-1"
and the 
"Comparison of Corporate and Government
Bond Portfolios"
are still in run-in style like this:

Figure 2.1 Comparison of Corporate and Government
Bond Portfolios

I can maybe talk the customer out of that detail but if I can do it it would 
be nice. 

Another solution to bolding was proposed by Mojca but I decided to go with 
yours. Thanks to both. 

For those who were curious about the complexity of the heading I will post a 
pdf to 
..and a source file fragment here:
\chapter{Investing for Income}
\null\vskip -1in 
\noindent {\baselineskip
15bp \nimbul\kern -3pt {\zb{``It's a funny thing about life; if
you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get
it.''}}{\nimbus ~~---\kern 5bp \zb{Somerset Maugham}}

\centerline{\vrule height .25bp width 4.25in} \vskip 3.050in
{\it Chapter 2} \vskip .4in
\baselineskip 30bp 
\leftline{\nimbux{\zc{Investing for Income,}}}
\leftline{\nimbux{\zc{Safely and Effectively}}} \parindent
.3125in \baselineskip 15bp \indenting[next] 
\vskip 15pt 
This is quite ugly but it works. \nimbux etc. are fonts and \zc etc. are
macros using soul.sty.

John Culleton
Able Indexing and Typesetting
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Satisfaction guaranteed. 

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