I can use \writebetweenlist to add a line to my TOC.  I have to put the page 
number in manually. Here is the statement:
\writebetweenlist[part]{\nimbus\zy{Part 1 Prerequisite for Success}\hfil 22\rm }

It would seem more sensible to use \writetolist and let Context determine the 
page number. But there are two problems:
1. There is an extra set of braces {} for \writetolist, the purpose of which is 
not stated.
2. A statement similar to the above but with \writetolist[part] and deleting 
the material from \hfil onward fails on interpetation of the formatting macro
\zy. This in turn is a call to the soul.sty package for letterspacing the 
entry.  Here is macro \zy:
\sodef\zy{}{.040em}{.25em plus .5em}{2em plus .1em minus .1em}
It works OK with \writebetweenlist but fails when part of \writetolist etc. 

I have two questions: 
1. What are the extra braces for in the \writetolist command description?
2. Given two sets of braces, where does the text of the par title go?

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