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>> > http://dblatex.sourceforge.net/
>> > DocBook to LaTeX/ConTeXt Publishing Does anyone know something about  
>> it ?
>>  Do you have precise questions?
> dbcontext-0.2pre.tar.bz2 : 11 Sep 06
> dblatex-0.2.5.tar.bz2:27 Apr 07
> It seems that dccontext is stopped.

Not really stopped, rather dormant. The main reasons are:
- Context moves so much, and my system is so screwed up, that I cannot  
update to a recent context release.
- There are very few users interested by dbcontext and then few bug  
reports or update demands.
- There are some big fishes asking for latex solutions (gimp, kde docs).
- Few users are ready to switch from latex to context, at least because of  
install troubles and dependencies.
- I can hardly convince people to use context if the context version  
suggested in the release note is not available from context site (it was  
before the foundry museum).

I still think context overclasses latex, but its systematic refactoring  
and use of emergent/latest software have their drawbacks, for end users,  
but for tools depending on it too.

But I believe that with the new context versioning scheme, the debian and  
Peter Munster packaging efforts, it can become more popular. Of course, I  
need to update my machine too ;-)

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