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Thanks. I had not looked at them and some of the things about handling
at the ConTeXt end are more clear now. But I think that I did not
explain my question correctly.

What I do not understand how are abbreviations etc. handled by xslt for
conversion into html. For example, how do I write an xsl style sheet
that converts this xml input

<abbreviation value="EECS", short="EECS", full="Electrical Engineering
and Computer Science" />

<p> I study <abbrev value="EECS"> which stands for <abbrev
value="EECS", infull="yes"> </p>

into html as

<p> I study EECS which stands for Electrical Engineering and Computer
Science </p>

I know that this is not the right list to ask this sort of questions,
but I am hoping that there are xml users here and they will be able to
point me to the right direction.

I haven't followed the thread, but attached an idea of doing what you want with XSLT. Note that your example is not valid at all (commas between attributes, missing ending '/' for empty elements). BTW, it's not a good idea to use the same attribute ("value") as an reference identifier, and for referencing to another element.


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<abbreviation value="EECS" short="EECS"
              full="Electrical Engineering and Computer Science" />
<p> I study <abbrev value="EECS"/> which stands for <abbrev 
value="EECS" infull="yes"/> </p>

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