Hello all again,

I'm using linetables, because despite their lack of
documentation they've been rather easy to set up to achieve
the effects I needed (colors, alignment, etc).

I have a small problem with the title row though, because I
would like its entries to be all typeset centered (whereas
the rest of columns has them partly left and partly right
aligned) but apparently there is no (easy) way to override
alignment in a single row. In particular,


doesn't work, even though all other specifications (color,
background, style) work as expected.

I think that if a row alignment is required, it should be
applied and take precedente over column alignment. Any

Giuseppe "Oblomov" Bilotta

P.S. Looking at core-ltb.tex I've found that \BH and \EH are
mapped to \linetableBR and \linetableER. Is this
intentional, or a cut-n-paste error? The way it is now,
\linetableBH and \linetableEH are never triggered ...

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