On 7/22/07, Matt Gushee wrote:
> Hi, all--
> I would like to use different styles for left and right headers in a
> book: I would like to set the left side (which shows the book title) in
> small caps, and the right side (chapter title) in italics.
>    \setupheader[style=\sc]
> works fine. So does
>    \setupheader[style=\it]
> But
>    \setupheader[leftstyle=\sc,rightstyle=\it]
> Doesn't work. Both headers appear in the (medium-weight roman) body
> font. Any idea why this is the case?

I usually use something like

    [\sc Book Title][]
    [][{\it (\getmarking[chapter][current])}]

However, there seems to be a little bug. This works perfectly well for
section (\getmarking[section]), but for chapter the chapter labels
seem to be erased after the first appearance.

leftstyle= might also require implementation of
- style of the left label on left page
- style of the middle label on the left page
- style of the right labale on the left page
- all the three styles again on the right page, the same 6 for footer

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