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> Hi all!
> I have a well-defined project with its products, components and environment
> file. The structure works and all that, so my problem that I am going to
> describe below is not there.
> In my document structure, each product corresponds to one Part.
> My environment file defines no header whatsoever for the very first page of
> a Part section (header=high).
> When a Part is in the frontmatter, the header does not disappear. When the
> same part is in the bodymatter, it works -- the header is not there.
> Here is my main project file when I attempt to test exactly that, with only
> two parts (no need for more at the moment):
> \startproject These
> \environment env_these
> \startfrontmatter
>     \product prod_liminaire
> \stopfrontmatter
> \startbodymatter
>     \product prod_liminaire
>     \product prod_p1
> \stopbodymatter
> \stopproject
> The product called "prod_liminaire" currently contains my title page only. I
> do know that doing exactly the above makes no sense, but like I said I did
> that only to test out the problem.
> So, when I compile this, prod_liminaire has a header in the frontmatter, but
> it has NO header in the bodymatter. It's the very same file to the very last
> byte, only in a different sectionblock. And it behaves differently.
> What's wrong? I'm really at loss over this. I obviously want no header in
> the frontmatter Parts, that's where my product prod_liminaire normally goes.
> Thanks in advance! Any help is appreciated, as always!
> Jeff Smith

Hi Jeff,

project are only meant to collect products with the same settings.

Your current project should be a product and your product should be a
component, you can also load components in components.

If your question is of interest to others as well, please add an entry to the 

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