On Fri, Mar 14, 2008 at 6:51 PM, Aditya Mahajan wrote:
> On Fri, 14 Mar 2008, Hans Hagen wrote:
>  > so, if you have specific wishes ... now is the time to let them know
>  Some questions (and hidden wishes)
>  Does this mean that text between metapost graphic and context can be
>  really transparent? Currently \sometxt does not work with all macros,
>  (like an old feature request by Mojca to have two optional arguments for
>  setting the font in the gnuplot module). Will mplib mean that the metapost
>  code can place any tex box at the desired location?

Now that you mention it: I still need to adapt the gnuplot module to
mkiv, but I'm a bit afraid of asking for help. (The most important
thing would be to get rid of that stupid catcode trickery inside
\startGNUPLOTscript ... \stopGNUPLOTscript that always tends to fail
when one needs it, and to have one-to-one conversion, so that %,#, $,
... will have no special meaning.) Then, it would probably be a nice
benchmark to discover bugs in the library :)

For example, demos from this page (I'm not saying that they're too
useful since 100x100 is too low resolution anyway):
currently all fail because of the "out-of-memory" problem (10.000
times "fill unitsquare scaled ... shifted ... withcolor ..."), but
this might be a ConTeXt problem as well (the text inside
\startMPgraphic ... \stopMPgraphic probably needs to be stored
somewhere in TeX, even if there's no need for that).

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