Dear Hans and other friends:

I am a Chinese user of ConTeXt. Recently, I tried ConTeXt MkIV and
test its Chinese  typesetting. I am very glad to see MkIV can access
my linux OS TTF&OTF fonts and give a good face of my article about
lines breaking. But on the bilingual typesetting, such as Chinese
sentences and English words appearance in a article at the same time ,
I found there are no good methods to solve the  problem of  setting
fonts for them respectively. Now I had to handle it in this way:



 \,\bgroup\enfont #1\egroup\,%

 我用英文进行\en{Hello World}测试。

I am eager to see full support for chinese and other Asian languages
in ConTeXt MkIV.

I am grateful to  the developers. Thank you for your time and effort
for continuous contributions!
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