I tried to update my metapost executable in the Windows ConTeXt 

In the bin dir I found both

mpost.exe (Version 1.000-rc1)

and a 


In the archive 'metapost-1.002-windows.zip'
there is 

mpost.exe (Version 1.002 (Web2C 7.5.5))

and no dll

So I downloaded 'mplib-alpha-0.20-win32.zip'
but there is an other exe

newpost.exe (Version 1.002 (Cweb version 0.20))

and no dll

So I wonder where I can find the matching dll and which exe above is 
the right one.

There is an other strange thing:

In the aktuell 'cont-win.zip' is a 'texmfstart.exe' dated 2007-08-07 
with about 700 KB.
But the 'texmfstart.exe' in my bin dir, which is installed 7 or 8 
months ago ist dated 2007-08-08 and much bigger (~900KB).

The next thing I wanted to do ist to update LuaTeX.


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