On Sat, Apr 5, 2008 at 11:36 PM, Henning Hraban Ramm wrote:
> Since I need to typeset some names with characters outside of ec
>  encoding, I'm just checking out XeTeX.
>  - first threshold:
>  If you have \setupoutput[pdftex] in cont-sys.tex, it doesn't work. ;-)
>  (Complains "you should use pdftex binaries".)

Since texmfstart era, pdf is the default output format anyway, so you
really need to try hard to produce dvi. Simply remove
\setupoutput[pdftex] (why do you need it there?)

>  - second threshold:
>  Adapt your typescripts. Since I use TeX Gyre anyway, that was no
>  problem. (Is there still no complete type-gyr.tex in the
>  distribution? I couldn't find it.)

TeX Gyre typescripts are loaded by default when you use XeTeX or
LuaTeX. See type-otf.tex

>  - third threshold (standing there):
>  XeTeX can't read tagged PDFs. For I typeset proceedings, I must
>  include a lot of pages from presentation PDFs. And even if I'd call
>  myself a PDF professional, I didn't find a way to delete all tags
>  from a PDF.

Did you try to convert the PDF to 1.4 (with Adobe Professional for example)?
Else you need to ask on the XeTeX mailing list. (But indeed: why not
trying out LuaTeX?)

>  Tomorrow I'll try to use an additional PostScript font - is that even
>  possible? Otherwise I must convert it to OpenType.

It is, but which OS and what kind of PostScript font are you using?
Mac type of PostScript fonts doesn't work (or better: it only works
with xdv2pdf, which isn't supported in ConTeXt any more). You can use
the "windows type" Type1 fonts (i.e. just the normal .pfb files). That
should work on any system, but on Mac you need to reference it by
filename. Font name won't work.

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