In a volume of proceedings, each chapter has an author and title and  
sometimes a subtitle.
The ToC entry should look like:

Author: Title \hfill Page
(no indents!)

At the moment I've this setup:


\def\Titel#1#2#3{% author, title, subtitle
        {\writebetweenlist[chapter]{\placeongrid{\noindent #1:}}
        \switchtobodyfont[12pt]\noindent #1%
        \chapter{\noindent #2}%
        {\ss\bf #3}%

\setuphead[chapter][page=no, number=no, align= 
{flushleft,nothyphenated,verytolerant}, style={\ss\bfa}, before={},  

\definecombinedlist[toc][chapter][level=chapter, placehead=no,  
criterium=all, alternative=b, offset=none]
\setupcombinedlist  [toc] [partnumber=no]


Please don't cry, I know it's ugly... ;-)

What it does is close, but nood good enough.

- Is there a way to use the normal chapter (or any head) mechanism  
with such "feathered" titles?
- How do I get my special ToC?

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