"Mojca Miklavec" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>>  However I have been using context for years, and may well have messed
>>  something up! It seems to work OK with my "normal" documents. Except I
>>  notice \usemodule[gnuplot] does not work.
> What exactly goes wrong?

I have got this working now too. The problems were:

  - the syntax seems to have changed since I originally used it. Used
    to be \startGNUPLOTgraphic now needs to be \startGNUPLOTscript

  - I missed the bit on the wiki about enabling write18

  - I was misled by some examples (in the source code) into thinking
    that parameters go in curly brackets, but this does not work for
    me (and fails silently).

So in the source code you have

      plot sin(x)

but I needed

      plot sin(x)

to make it work.


John Devereux
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