On Mi, 16 Apr 2008, Hans Hagen wrote:
> well, it may work with the old fonts (depends on how old), in 
> font-syn.tex  you will find

Well it is the last release before the renaming of the fonts, as I said

> etc. so older fonts are ok for context/luatex; while for xetex new fonts 
> are needed.
> >So if we ship the old or the new one there is no problem with the one or
> >the other?
> not for luatex/context

Huuu ... above you say

   "so older fonts are ok for context/luatex; while for xetex new fonts
    are needed"

and then

   "not for luatex/context"

So I assume the situation is as follows:

- for context/luatex: ok with old and new ones
- for context/xetex: new ones are necessary

Ok, I will think about updating the lmodern fonts, too, but renaming the
font names is really a pain, you shouldn't do that after a 1.something
release. No idea why they did that.

Thanks for the information

Best wishes


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