On 17 Apr 2008, at 7:23 am, Norbert Preining wrote:

> On Do, 17 Apr 2008, Will Robertson wrote:
>> Sorry, I didn't know how you went about actually creating this  
>> package.
> The packages are created from the actual TeX Live release, or better
> from the security branch of the subversion repository, the tag  
> 2007.1 or
> how it is called.

There's a tag "2007.0", which matches the actual release DVD, and  
there's a "branch2007" which has had a few bug fixes applied (mostly  
bugfixes in xetex, also apparently some security fixes in dviljk).

What I suggest is that I review xetex bug-fixes since the 2007  
release, and back-port the most important ones to branch2007 in TeX  
Live; we can also include the \suppressfontnotfounderror or whatever  
it's called, for the sake of the new context. But we won't try to  
include any of the major new features (like Graphite font support, or  
the new ICU version, etc), which would make for a massive patch.

This would give you a "xetex 0.996-patch2" in Lenny (what's in  
branch2007 is currently 0.996-patch1), should work for both context  
and non-context users, and should be non-invasive as far as the rest  
of TL is concerned.

If I do this, and create a tag "2007.1" in TL with the updated  
branch2007 version, are you able to use this as the base for your  
package? I presume you don't use the actual binaries from TL Master/ 
bin anyway, so what matters is what we have in the source tree.


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