Am 2008-04-17 um 10:13 schrieb Wolfgang Schuster:
> Before I start to give you information about my module and
> give you the chance to mention your own wishes or thoughts
> about the inteface I'm interested what do you use currently to
> write you own correspondence (letter, invoices etc.).

I normally use InDesign for my business letters and invoices.

But I coded my last job applications completely in ConTeXt and  
adapted Holger Schöner's environment for my needs.

I remember it was not that easy to get my address and logo exactly in  
the same places as in my InDesign template - I use sheets with some  
pre-printed elements.

Another problem were different letter heads for first, odd and even  

(It would have been *much* easier to use InDesign for that stuff,  
like for most other designs that I do...)

Greetlings from Lake Constance!
--- (I'm an assurer)

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