I was looking for a command reference that includes all Context
commands. There are a few choices to pick from [0] (see "Find

However, since I am a big GNU Info fanboy -- I love to not leave Emacs
while writing Context source etc. -- I was looking for something
"faster" than fiddling around with some PDF manual respectively the
on-line command reference. I am now using [1] which works quite nice [2]

,----[ Debian repository for etexshow? ]
| Since I am on DebianGNU/Linux, I was wondering if maybe someone knows a
| repository that provides a .deb for etexshow? The official repo does not
| contain it afaict

,----[ apt-file search etexshow ]

,----[ apt-cache show etexshow ]
| W: Unable to locate package etexshow
| E: No packages found

[0] http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Command_Syntax
[1] http://levana.de/emacs --> etexshow.tgz
[2] http://img187.imageshack.us/img187/7207/etexshowvo3.png

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