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> I was able to persuade one user to prepare ConTeXt package for NixOS
> distro, but, unfortunately, being from Russia he quickly discovered  
> that
> he minimal example from wiki (
> does not work, i.e.
> \enableregime[utf]
> \useencoding[cyr]
> \definetypeface [russian]
>   [rm] [serif] [computer-modern] [default] [encoding=t2a]
> \setupbodyfont[russian]
> \starttext
> Мама и Папа % Some Russian characters
> \stoptext
> does transliterate Russian characters.
> I do not have any experience working with Cyrillic, so if anyone can
> provide minimal working example it would be very nice?
> I persistently claimed that "it must work!" :-)

Since I just adapted a ConTeXt based business card generator to work  
with cyrillic type, I can assure that it's possible - with XeTeX or  

There you just need to encode your sources in UTF-8 and use OpenType  
fonts that contain cyrillic glyphs, like TeX Gyre.

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