Hi all,

I've been using ConTeXT for quite a while now, and I am trying to  
build my own customized environnment.

I have some trouble customizing my content table. I tried everything I  
could, including reading the manual twice over, and I still can't  
figure out why none of my ideas will work!

In fact, my configuration looks like this:


What I would like is the number to be separated from the page name by  
a ".", which would give something like:

1.     Chapter name................. 32

I tried \setupcombinedlist[content][level=4,alternative=c,  
separator={.}], but it doesn't work. Although 'separator' is  
documented as the separator between the number and the pagename, it  
appears to be the separator between the number and subnumbers, like,  
with separator={ppp}:

1     MyChapter ............
1ppp1 Mysection..........

Which is not quite what I expect!

So i tried setting something like


Which works, except for the fact that when there is no number (like in  
my frontmatter), the "." is shown anyway... So I naturally tried:


Which doesn't work! I still get something like

.      Preamble
1.   ChapterOne
1.1 Section

So even if no number is given, the doifnotempty block still is executed!

I tried a lot of combinations, like

\def\mycommand#1{\doifdefined{#1}{#1.}} or

But none of these will compile...

So at this point, I don't see any solution, which is why I really  
would appreciate any suggestion!

Thank you very much!

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