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 Wolfgang> Alternative solution:

 Wolfgang> \Definelayout
 Wolfgang>   [titlepage]
 Wolfgang>   [header=0pt,
 Wolfgang>    footer=0pt,
 Wolfgang>    backspace=4cm,
 Wolfgang>    width=12cm]

[skipping a lot of lines ...] 

Thank you Wolfgang, it works! However, I tried but did not figure out
how to also change the fontsize from within the \definelayout block. Is
it possible?

I want to change the fontsize to 11pt. I know I could use
\switchtobodyfont but I would rather save myself some typing in the
future and put it in the \definelayout block -- or something else that
does not require me typing it over and over again if \definelayout is
the wrong way to go here altogether (/me is still a novice to ConTeXt).

Same as for the fontsize -- can I "demand" two columns from within the
\definelayout block instead of always putting \startcolumns[n=2]
respectively \stopcolumns in the actual source?

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