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> > Hi Wolfgang,
> >
> > > it seems to me that referenzline, subject, foldmarks, etc, are about
> > > 4mm or 5mm to big (A4 paper). The foldmark for example should be
> > > 105mm from papertop. It is 110mm from top.
> > > The horizontal offset (3.5mm) of foldmarks ist to small. A
> > > laserprinter often is not able to print 5mm or more from paperedge.
> > > So the foldmarks are invisibel.
> >
> > I never measured the real values and it should be simple whitespace
> > problem somewhere in the code.
> Have you found that whitespace?
> Aren't the foldmarks positioned in absolute values relative to the
> page? There is no whitespace involved, isn't it?
> So I don't understand this 5mm offset at all. Are your vertical
> foldmark positions ok?

I found the whitespace and it is was not 4 or 5mm but \lineheight, the problem
was I place the content for the layers in a frame and the strut moved
the symbols
a little bit down by \strutht, I fixed it for the marks and this was
also the problem
for the address field.

I put a new version online and you could test it, the horizontal
position and the
length for the marks are unchanged but you could try different values and report
which of them did work for you.

> > The address field was wrong placed and I corrected it, the place for the
> > referenece line should work but I change the position dependen on
> > the alternative for the layout and the value in the default letterstyle
> > is ignored at the moment.
> >
> > Don't what do you mean about the subject, the position is controlled
> > with the normal page layout.
> But the bodyspace depends on the space occupied by the header
> (addresfield, referenceline etc.). Wrong?

The distance between the top of the subject line and the topmargin of the
page depends indeed on the height from the reference line and the address
field, the DIN specification is very unclear in this point and what i wanted is
to have always the same distance between the reference line and the subject.

(Could you write me a privat mail, would be a easier to discuss it in german.)

> > I could change the values for the foldmarks, I corrected the position
> > already and it got them at least on my own printer. You could try
> > to play with \setupletterstyle[topmark,botmark,cutmark][hoffset=...]
> > and give me a value that did work for your printer.
> 6mm should be enough for laserprinters.

Could you try this before I will change the value.

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