Mohamed Bana wrote:

> Sorry I didn't quiet understand that.  Given this;
> $ mtxrun --script fonts --list --pattern=warnock 
> warnockpro-bold WarnockPro-Bold WarnockPro-Bold.otf
> ....

looks like an old version, should be

warnockprobold WarnockPro-Bold <fullpathifsystemfont>/WarnockPro-Bold.otf

> which of the following are correct;
> 1. \definefontsynonym [WarnockPro-Regular] [name:warnockpro-bold] 

best use


although context will strip the - anyway

> 2. \definefontsynonym [WarnockPro-Regular] [name:WarnockPro-Bold]
> 3. \definefontsynonym [WarnockPro-Regular] [file:WarnockPro-Bold.otf]
> 4. \definefontsynonym [WarnockPro-Regular] [file:WarnockPro-Bold]
>> also, do you use the latest mtxrun, mtx-fonts and context? the first 
>> entry in the list should show the stripped name
> I'm using uploaded on 2008-08-05 18:50
> ( extracted to ~/texmf.  I need this
> because I use TeXLive 2007.

can you try the beta? something was fixed

> Hans, why does it compile fine when I copy the fonts over to the working
> directory?  There must be something wrong with the OSFONTDIR variable.  BTW, I
> think you should switch over to linux and make life easier for us :)

it has nothing to do with linux (and actually i run linux on the servers 
that serve tex processing for projects)

mtxrun --script fonts

operates on the tree and does not limit the search to the 'official' 
locations, while context, when a font is loaded, does obey those 

the current path is always taken as valid


ps. the latest beta really should work ok (tested at conference)

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