Dear ConTeXters,

I apologize for sending twice this message: since I did not receive it
myself, I thought it has been lost…

So here is my help request:

I just updated my TeX installation with the latest MacTeX-TeXLive 2008, and
since the version of LuaTeX included there was 0.25.0, I built a binary
LuaTeX, Version snapshot-0.29.0-2008091817.

Now the problem is that my usual procedure for generating mkiv doesn't work
and I couldn't fix the problem…
(That procedure used to work fine with the previous version of
MacTeX-TeXLive 2008).

More precisely
mtxrun --selfupdate

seems to work fine, but then

luatools --selfupdate

results in:
LuaTools | to be replaced old script /usr/texbin/luatools
LuaTools | unable to locate new script
LuaTools |
LuaTools | runtime: 0.082 seconds

and the command
luatools --generate

apparently works fine, since there is no complaints, as far as I can see.
Now when I issue the command:
luatools --ini --verbose --compile cont-en

luatools stops after executing some commands and finally I get:
LuaTools | using lua initialization file cont-en.luc
LuaTools | running command: luatex --ini --lua="cont-en.luc"
"/usr/local/texlive/texmf-local/tex/context/base/cont-en.tex" \\dump
! I can't find file `context.tex'.
l.16 \input context.tex
Please type another input file name:

If I do give a complete path for this file, that is

(or for another one
again luatools complaints about not finding the file syst-pln.tex… and so

I should say that I execute also the commands
export TEXMFCACHE="/tmp"
export TEXMFCNF="/usr/local/texlive/2008/texmf/web2c/"
export OSFONTDIR="{/Users/kavian/Library/Fonts,/Library/Fonts}"
export TEXMFSCRIPTS="{$TEXMF/scripts/context/,$TEXMF/tex/context/base}"

before the above.

Since I do most of the operations without really understanding what is going
on, I am sure I am doing something wrong… But what?

Thanks for your help…
Best regards: OK
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