On 9/24/2008 11:01 PM, Peter Daum wrote:
> Hi all
> I'm using Taco's Bibtex module and got some problems with it.
> \setupbibtex[database=xxxxxx,sort=author]
> \setuppublications[alternative=apa-de,refcommand=authoryear,monthconversion=month]
> \placepublications[criterium=all]
> ... works fine. The references list contains only publications referenced in 
> the document.
> Unfortunately, I was forced to use a special bst file, since I needed to 
> change the fields of the entrytype "misc". As I didn't find a way to make 
> ConTeXt or texexec aware of this new file living in my document's directory, 
> I deleted the database parameter, customised the aux file and ran bibtex by 
> myself.
> The problem is, that, with the new method, only a very small subset of the 
> referenced publication makes it into the list. If I add "criterium=all" to 
> the setuppublications command, I get the whole database, whether the pub is 
> referenced or not.
> Any ideas?

After reading t-bib.tex:


   \let\@@pbsort    \empty
        [      \v!no=>\def\bibstyle{cont-no},
   \ifx\@@pbdatabase\empty\else \writeauxfile \fi}


I would suggest you put your .bst into, say, cont-my.bst and issue
the command


right after executing \setupbibtex

- Matthias
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