Am 26.09.2008 um 23:37 schrieb Brian R. Landy:

> Hi, I wanted to share some observations from enabling the latest  
> MkIV code (2008.09.24, compiled luatex from svn just now) to run on  
> a new installation of TeXLive 2008 on 64bit Linux.  This is my first  
> time trying MkIV.
> First -- a comment on installing using TeXLive 2008, which hopefully  
> is helpful to others.  In my installation I noticed that x86-64/bin/ 
> luatools was symlinked to texmf-dist/scripts/context/stubs/unix/ 
> luatools.  The rsync update process as outlined on garden does not  
> update this file; it updates texmf-dist/scripts/context/lua/ 
> luatools.lua.  So this needs to be copied (or linked) over to make  
> the update work.  The same issues exists with mtxrun.  The symptom  
> was a broken "context --make".
> Now, on to my issues.  I am listing anything that used to work in my  
> TeXLive 2007 installation of MkII but fails in 2008 (MkII or MkIV).   
> Items 1-3 were tested on garden as well to ensure it was not an  
> issue in my setup --
> 1. \placefloat[here]{none} fails.  \placegraphic works instead.   
> This works on MkII.  See test_placefloat.tex.

Use \placefigure, \placefigure ... the correct syntax is  

> 2. MkIV fails due to the \startcolor...\stopcolor sequence embedded  
> in a natural table (see test_color.tex).  A working alternative is  
> commented in that file.

\bTD 4 \clear 0/8 \eTD

I think Hans is faster to find the bug, here is a shorter example:


\bTD 4 \startcolor[red] 0/8 \stopcolor \eTD


> 3. MkIV will not typeset the file test.tex.  It is due to using  
> {style=\switchtobodyfont[tt]} in the table setup.  Using [modern,tt]  
> works fine, but this is not necessary with MkII.

Use style=mono.

> 4. This is a MkII issue (or maybe it is a pdftex problem?)  MkII on  
> 2007, texexec --dvi on 2008, and MkIV all work.  The problem is with  
> pulling in an external figure like this --
> \externalfigure[/tmp/testfigure]
> The files /tmp/testfigure.eps and /tmp/testfigure.pdf exist.  This  
> should use the full path to find the file, and will pick the eps  
> when creating dvi and the pdf when creating pdf's.  As mentioned,  
> this works with every combination I tested except 2008 MkII.  Some  
> (not very usable for me) workarounds are --
> - use the filename without the path and add the path using  
> \setupexternalfigures[directory=]
> - specify the .pdf extension (means I cannot typeset to dvi if I  
> want to; I find this useful for previewing with xdvi's auto-reload)
> - use \setupexternalfigures[directory=/] and use a relative path
> 5. Just a comment on performance -- I noticed that using MkIV on a  
> complicated document I have took 23 minutes vs. 12 minutes with  
> MkII.  I didn't know if MkIV is expected to be slower/comparable/ 
> faster at this stage.

Depends on your document, a few things are slower like font loading
but other things like MetaPost graphics are faster, it is also good to  
a machine with 2 GB of memory or more  .


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