Aditya Mahajan wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I finished my thesis, writing both my thesis and my presentation using 
> ConTeXt.


> Thesis:

impressive and it also looks nice (the large interline spacing even 
looks ok -)

> Source: 
> Presentation: 
> Overall it was a pleasant experience, but there were some difficulties. I 
> am summarizing my experience here. Hopefully, others will find it useful.
> * Layout and Formatting: It was extremely simple to set up the layout and 
> formatting according to the thesis specifications. Due to the ease of 
> changing formatting, I experimented quite a bit with the formatting before 
> settling down to what is in the thesis (The school wanted "nothing 
> fancy").

at least they gave you the freedom to play with fonts

> * Organizing large projects: The product-component structure made it easy 
> to work on single chapters. However, I could not get correct numbering for 
> the components (If I compiled chapter-02, it got numbered 1). In the end, 
> I was just compiling the whole thesis at the time, since it was pretty 
> fast (~10 sec).

there is a \setuphead[chapter][file=..] option which should do the job 
(remin dme to implement that in the upcoming mkiv sectioning mechanisms 
as well)

> * Fonts: Using different fonts with MKIV was really easy. For the 
> presentation, I did have some trouble in getting Euler to work with the 
> minimals. Hopefully, this will be corrected soon.

indeed; anyhow, your thesis proofs that luatex can be used for real 

> * Math: The math alignments worked very nicely, but I had to do a lot of 
> manual tweaking at a lot of places. Also, equations seem to like to have a 
> tendency of starting on a new page. I tried changing penalties for 
> predisplay and postdisplay (which are set to zero), but it invariably led 
> to bad page breaks at other places.
>   At some places, the equation overlapped with the previous material. I am 
> not sure what was causing this (medium interline spacing, wrong 
> calculation of the width of the previous line, or something else). In the 
> end, I simply put a few manual \break[small] here and there.

in mkiv we can redo the before/after math spacing because there we have 
the control that we wanted

>   Being able to write unicode math made simplified reading math markup.
> * Metapost: TeX-MP interaction is fast and easy. However, debugging 
> metapost errors is difficult because context does not stop compiling on 
> encountering a metapost error.

ok, remind me to implement a 'show error when mp fails' mechanism (we 
may need a way to trigger tex's error mode then from within luatex then; 
somethin gis possible now but a bit hackery)

> * Bibliography. For a large part, the bib module was very easy. In the 
> end, there were a few glitches with the formatting of the bibliography 
> (too title space between entries) which I had to manually correct. (Look 
> for \help inside the bbl file).
>   The bbl file sorted authors with multiple entries incorrectly. If I had 
> authors with four publications in a year, say 2000, the came out as 2000d, 
> 2000c, 2000b, 2000a. I wanted 2000a, 2000b, 2000c, and 2000d, so in the 
> end I just edited the bbl file by hand.
>   There was also problem with maybe year. If I had 2000a and 2000b in the 
> bib file, but only referred to 2000b in the thesis, the year came out as 
> 2000b rather than 2000. For this also, I edited the bbl file by hand.

i like the bibliography layout

> Overall, ConTeXt made writing the thesis fairly easy. I mean the 
> typesetting part of it. For those who are wondering, ConTeXt does not help 
> with the content of the thesis :-) I would like to thank Hans and Taco for 
> providing ConTeXt and everyone on the mailing list for answering my 
> various questions.


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