On Wed, Oct 1, 2008 at 1:57 AM, David Arnold wrote:
> Mojca,
> I saw your note on blog.miktex.org:
> If you still want to run ConTeXt on MikTeX while it has been removed, you
> may create a file texmfstart.bat in C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.7\miktex\bin
> with the content:
> @echo off
> ruby "C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.7\scripts\context\ruby\texmfstart.rb" "%*"
> and extract www.pragma-ade.com/context/current/cont-tmf.zip into C:\Program
> Files\MiKTeX 2.7. Then, update filename database and generate formats, and
> everything should work again.
> Mojca
> I followed this advice, installed texmfstart.bat, unzipped cont-tmf.zip
> properly, updated the filename database, then got stuck.
> At the dos prompt:
> $ texmfstart --help
> Worked just fine. However,
> $ texmfstart texexec --help
> Did not work. What am I missing? If I recall I'll need to do:
> $ texmfstart texexec --make --all
> Or some such thing.

Can you please try what happens if you install MikTeX in some folder
with no spaces in base path?

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