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>> Hi all,
>> For some long-winded subtitles, I need a paragraph shape which has
>> flush
>> sides except the last line, which is centered. I haven't come across
>> any
>> solutions for this... any clues?
> http://www.tug.org/pracjourn/2008-2/asknelly/

Based on this, I had once used

\installalign {centerlast}{\leftskip=.3pc plus 1fil
                            \rightskip=.3pc plus -1fil
                            \parfillskip=0pt plus 2fil}

and then use \setupalign[centerlast] or \startalignment[centerlast]. This 
does not work as a parameter of align={..} in \framed etc, but I did not 
look into it, since I did not need it.

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