Am 10.11.2008 um 10:55 schrieb Chen Shen:

> Hi all,
> the following code used to work, but broke in the latest beta. \at
> works well, but \in appears as a math "member of set" symbol ( ∈ ).

You could use the last stable for the moment.

> ========================
> \starttext
> \placefigure[here][abc]{xyz}{123}
> abc \at[abc].
> abc \in[abc].
> \stoptext
> ========================

If you still want to use the last beta use the following patch,
Hans removed a few lines of code from enco-ini.mkiv and this
breaks the \in command because it is redefined later in the core
from the math commands.

\def\definecommand#1 #2 %


\definecommand in    {\doinatreference\currenttextreference}


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