On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 7:18 AM, Bart C. Wise
> Wolfgang,  thanks so much for your help so far.
> I was able to take the code and make it work correctly to stretch the chapter
> title.  What I want is two lines for a chapter head.  For example,
> Line 1: "Chapter One"
> Line 2: "Title for Chap 1"
> I want line 1 to be stretched.  Everything I have tried does not work.  I can
> get the "Chapter" word to stretch, but not the whole line (and it should
> probably be treated as a whole line when stretching).  I was never able to get
> the chapter number (now a word) to stretch.
> So how do I grab the output for line 1 and then stretch it?
> Here's a sample of what I have without any stretching:
> \def\Myheader#1#2{%
>    \framedtext[width=0.60\textwidth, frame=off, align=middle]{%
>        \vbox{\headtext{chapter}~#1 \blank #2}}}
> \def\englishnumbers#1{
>    \ifcase#1 \or ONE\or TWO\or THREE\or FOUR\or FIVE\fi}
> \defineconversion[englishnumbers][\englishnumbers]
> \setupsection[chapter][conversion=englishnumbers]
> \setuphead [chapter][
>    command=\Myheader,
>    textcommand=\bfd,
> ]
> \setupheadtext[chapter=CHAPTER] % used by \headtext
> \starttext
> \chapter{Title for Chap 1}
> \processfile{tufte}
> \stoptext


  \ifcase#1 \or ONE\or TWO\or THREE\or FOUR\or FIVE\fi}



> P.S. If there's a better way to do the number->word conversion, let me know.

Search for \numprint in the list archive.

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