I would like to modify the rules for wrapping URLs (aka "hyphenating"
URLs, but generally without inserting hyphens) to conform more closely
to the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th ed. I've read on this list that the
code for doing this is defined in the \hypthenatedurl

There are several files with the same name, in

>From what I can tell, the .tex file loads one of the other three:

I'm not sure which one it loads -- the lua, mkii, or mkiv.
All three seem to have the rules for url hyphenation encoded in them.
Is it a matter of which engine I'm using, e.g. luatex?
Our project has a requirement of using Xetex, so I have to stick with
that. Does that mean lang-url doesn't work at all?

We also have users using ConTeXt Minimal as well as ConTeXt from the
TeXLive 2008 distribution.
I want to do things in a way that will work in both. I would be happy to
put in some extra effort to make the result generally available to
others who want to follow the Chicago style for wrapping long URLs.

Thanks for any hints...

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