Mojca Miklavec wrote:

 > hack hack hack hack ....

I tried solutions with special patterns sveral times but the problem is 
in mixed languages, i.e. english text mixed with url-language; there are 
some limitations (in pdftex for instance the same codes are used fo rthe 
whole par (i.e. mixed languages are possible but with the same lccodes 
etc). Also, one needs to get rid of the -

Anyhow, there is another trick, one that Aditya might love ...




    \def:{\nobreak   \hbox{\lettercolon}\allowbreak}%
    \def^{\allowbreak\hbox{\letterhat  }\nobreak}%
    \def/{\nobreak   \hbox{\letterslash}\allowbreak}%


\hsize 1mm \ForMojcaWhoLikesHacks{}

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