On 11/25/2008 3:21 PM, Lars Huttar wrote:
> When I put \show\rm in the .tex file to display the definition of the
> \rm macro, and run texexec, I get:
>       > \rm=\protected macro:
>       ->\setcurrentfontstyle {rm}.
>       l.7 \show\rm
> By contrast, according to
> http://webpages.charter.net/davidlha/.trm/trmi.html, "Plain TeX defines
> \rm to be `\fam=0 \tenrm'."
> So clearly the definition of the \rm macro is different in ConTeXt than
> it is in Plain TeX.

P.S. The same TeX reference reports,

"This switch plus the assignments made by Plain TeX are what makes
`${\rm text }$' typeset `text' in roman instead of in italics [154]."
where [154] refers to the page number in the TeXbook.

The latter says "The control sequence \rm is an abbreviation for '\fam=0
\tenrm'; thus, \rm causes \fam to become zero, and it makes \tenrm the
"current font." In horizontal mode, the \fam value is irrelevant and the
current font governs the typesetting of letters; ... [stuff about math
mode, which doesn't seem to apply to this situation]."

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